All of our raw material is sourced in the USA

All of our products are made by hand by Americans

All of our Products are made “Always and Only in the USA”

About our Products 

Fresh Hides 
USA rawhide is fresher…and simply better for dogs. Our beef hides are only a few days old when they arrive at our Chicago plant in refrigerated trucks. Then they are kept under refrigeration until they are washed and sanitized, cut, tied and dried in our special ovens. The hides used to make Canine Butcher Shop treats are not split to increase volume as most import hides are. They are not treated with harsh chemicals that stabilize and whiten the hide. In fact, the hides we use are so fresh they still contain the collagen layer which we keep intact during processing. That gives our treats added flavor that is not available in any import product. Fresher hides and natural processing produces a rawhide treat that tastes much better to dogs! It’s safer for the dog, too!

10” Bully in a Blanket 6 Pack- Canine Butcher Shop

SKU: 879996000680
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