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In my excitement to share the success of our allergy support tablets, I forgot to write a post to introduce our new blog!

One of the main purposes is to share products with you that my two dogs LOVE.

My oldest fur baby is a two year old mini cockapoo named Bailey. Her younger sister is a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog named Jameson. Although Jameson is younger, she is much bigger, and her favorite duty is being Bailey's personal seatbelt in the car.

These two have been making their way through testing every product that we sell at City Pet HQ, and cannot wait to share their favorites with you and your pup to enjoy!

Another reason for the blog is to share educational information for your dogs and cats. There's always new things to learn, or to get a good refresher if you haven't owned a pet for awhile.

We are open to blog suggestions, comments and feedback!

Don't forget to share an article you love with your friends and family.

Most importantly, don't forget to treat your pets with love.

-City Pet HQ

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