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Dog Allergies, and how to cure them

My mini cockapoo, Bailey, is 2 years old. She (luckily) hasn't had any health issues, until recently. I noticed that she was licking and chewing on her paws pretty often. It can be annoying when you are trying to watch a TV show or read a book, and the sound of your dog chewing at their paw is enough to distract you. Even worse, imagine being your dog, unable to ask for help with your itchy body. I have given her Benadryl in the past, and this does work as a temporary solution, (Benadryl is PERFECTLY safe for dogs, as long as you get the correct dosage for your pet based on their weight from their veterinarian and you do NOT give them Benadryl with added decongestant).

Personally, I did not want to be giving my dog a human medication on a regular basis, plus I wanted something more natural.

We offer a few different types of supplements and shampoos for dogs with allergies at City Pet HQ, and I decided to go with the Vets Best Seasonal Allergy Support Tablets. It is a natural formula containing antioxidants that was formulated by veterinarians. The tables help to maintain normal histamine levels AND support skin health!

The Ingredients include nettle, perilla leaf, quercetin and citrus. Much healthier than OTC Benadryl.

For Bailey's body weight, she is to receive half a tablet, twice a day. After 24 hours, I am in disbelief that her itching has completely stopped! Bailey went from gnawing at her paws, to napping nice and peacefully, finally feeling comfortable in her own skin again.

I cannot believe how fast they work! I am continuing to give her a half tablet twice a day, but will soon reduce the dose to once daily and see if it will keep her allergies at bay. I'll keep you posted, but if necessary we will go back to the twice a day recommendation.

The only downside for Bailey is that she does not like the taste of the chewable. All dogs are different, so that doesn't mean that every dog will turn their nose at these tablets. However, since Bailey is being her typical picky self, I simply put the tablet in a Greenies Pill Pocket and she eagerly downs the treat along with her allergy tab.

Pro Tip: If you administer any medication to your pet, Greenies Pill Pockets are a real miracle. I learned about them while working at a Veterinarians office- Pill Pockets are the best known trick from the Pros! They come in many flavors, but for the dogs with the best noses, I recommended the duck and pea recipe. They smell absolutely terrible to us, but like most things, that makes dogs love it all the more. I even need Pill Pockets to administer both of my picky pups their monthly heart worm pill. Now, I don't spend 5-10 minute trying to hide pills inside of peanut butter, or cheese, just to have my dogs spit it out in the end anyway!

In conclusion, if your dog is suffering from allergies, please help them out! Imagine suffering with skin so itchy that you literally have to chew on your own hand to stop the irritating feeling. Whether you try a supplement, shampoo, or a diet change, your dog will thank you when something works.

I personally can highly recommend Vets Best Seasonal Allergy Support.

At City Pet HQ, we sell the 60 tablet bottle for only $19.99. For Bailey's dose, if given twice a day every day, the bottle will last two whole months! I can assure you that roughly 33 cents a day to keep my puppy healthy and happy is a very small fee.

Link to our allergy support options:

Link to shop our Greenies Pill Pockets:

As always, you can email us with any questions, concerns, or positive stories of these working for your pup as well!

Treat your pets with love,

City Pet HQ

(a special thanks to Bailey for testing this product!)

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