Holistic pet food diets focus on being less-processed with high quality ingredients.

Holistic dog foods are diets that are balanced to provide dogs and cats with optimal nutrition and support overall well-being. Ingredients are selected with their unique purpose in mind, whether it is to provide high levels of fatty acids or to include more digestible proteins. Not all holistic foods are grain-free and not all grain-free foods are holistic.

Benefits Can Include:

Better Coat Health

A dog that has better coat health will have a shiny coat (unless their breed standard dictates otherwise) and they will shed less. One ingredient that helps considerably with overall coat health is fish oil and many holistic foods contain added fish oil for this purpose. Even dogs that naturally experiencing shedding will have less hair loss when their food contains healthy supplements and fewer fillers.

Sharpened Eye Health

Holistic dog foods often contain more antioxidant-rich ingredients which are not only good for the dogs overall health, but are also very beneficial for healthy eyes. As dogs age, many will experience trouble with their eyesight. Additionally, some breeds have a natural tendency towards eyesight trouble. Feeding a holistic dog food that supports eye health can help to minimize these types of concerns.

Greater Heart Health

Holistic dog foods tend to pay particular attention to the quality of the proteins that go into their foods. With leaner proteins, dogs experience much less weight-related issues. Much like humans eating lean meat rather than fatty meat, a dog that eats leaner ingredients will have a stronger and healthier heart.

Healthier Stools

The digestion of a dog on a better diet will be noticeably healthy, while lower-quality dog diets can lead to diarrhea, poorly formed feces and constipation (Assuming that these matters are not the result of other health conditions such as parasites or infection). Dogs that are prone to diarrhea and upset stomach from traditional commercial dog foods quite often experience better intestinal health after being switched to a probiotic-rich natural food.

Fewer Allergies

While this is not true for all dogs, some dogs that have allergies thrive more on holistic foods. Finding a holistic food that is rich in fish oil and vitamin E is beneficial when healing skin afflictions that result from food allergies.