Here at City Pet HQ we strive to do what is best for the community as a whole, with pets being our main focus of course. We start by choosing to support local companies and brands, many that most people haven't had the opportunity to learn about yet! By selling local brands, it not only allows them to provide for their families and pets, but we get to know the owners of each company very well, and can assure that they also put pets first.

At City Pet HQ the goal is to provide the very best of everything for your cats and dogs, therefore we would never carry anything that we are not confident is of the very best quality.

Jameson and Bailey, our two beloved shop dogs, have tried everything that we sell. No, really, they have tasted, eaten, licked, devoured, played with, fetched and modeled everything. They have a very hard job here. On a serious note, we would never sell something to another pet that we would not give to our own, so we personally guarantee your pets will love us.

"Made in America". Mostly. Although the owner of City Pet HQ was born in England- she was raised in America. There is an understanding that many pet owners trust American made products for their pets the most. Not only are 90% of our products made here in America, our full line of bully sticks, raw hides, etc are made right here in Chicago!

Having a background in working in the veterinary industry has given our owner a huge insight into pet health and well being. Taking care of animals first hand and working side by side with doctors has given us a lot of knowledge on the subject. If you need any remedy for your pet, we carry a full range, from veterinary formulated shampoo for skin and coat, to digestive aids to help with those upset stomachs. Preventatives are just as important, so we carry those too.

We understand how much you love your furry companion, so why not shout it from the rooftops? Or just from your living room. We carry home accessories to compliment every cat and/or dog lovers home decor. Whether you need some stylist pillow cases, cute wall accessories or some pretty hilarious block signs, we have it all covered.(They make really good gifts for any pet parents as well).

Bring your dogs and your cats to City Pet HQ and check out all that we have to offer!